Did My Mother Do That? by Sharon Holt and Brian Lovelock

Some of my most memorable conversations with the kids have taken place during bedtime, when we are snuggling up in bed and doing some bedtime reading, or just generally winding down for the day. Hence, it’s easy to relate to the cozy setting of Did My Mother Do That?, which depicts an interesting bedtime conversation between the protagonist Holly and her father, after her mom heads out of the house. (It’s nice to see a dad coolly taking over the bedtime duties, too!)

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Hug by Jez Alborough

With just three different words and lovable, expressive illustrations, the author manages to convey the tale of the lonely monkey who is desperate to be hugged, and whose friends help to reunite him with his mother. Both my kids loved the book at first sight when they were very little. In fact, one of the first words my daughter spoke clearly was ‘hug’, thanks to this book.

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