Too Tall Houses by Gianna Marino

Rabbit and Owl are good friends who live side by side on top of a hill. All’s well until Rabbit’s vegetable farm starts growing too tall, blocking Owl’s view of the forest. So Owl decides to make his house taller, which in turn ends up blocking the sun for Rabbit’s garden. Soon, the two are embroiled in a bitter house-building one-upmanship that is headed for disaster.

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Who Sleeps, Cat the Cat? by Mo Willems

It’s night-time and Cat the Cat is rounding up her friends for bed. It’s a good thing, then, that they already seem to be in various stages of their bedtime routine that will also be familiar to kids — Sheep the Sheep is reading, Pig the Pig is taking a bath, Giraffe the Giraffe is brushing his teeth, etc. — and are all quite agreeable to the idea. Well, that is, all except Owl the Owl…

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A Bit Lost by Chris Haughton

A Bit Lost is a very cute book about a baby owl who has to find his way home to his mother after he sleepily falls out of his nest. A squirrel he meets tries to help him, based on the baby owl’s description of his mother, leading to hilarious outcomes.


In the end, though, he does find his way home, thanks to his friends.