Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

There are probably thousands of children’s books that touch on the theme of friendship, but seldom is it defined as simply and clearly as Oliver Jeffers has done with the wonderful illustrations and metaphor-rich text in this book, which quietly hits close to the heart.

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Penguins by Liz Pichon

The penguins in the zoo are having an ordinary day — doing what penguins do with people gawking at them — when they find something that was dropped into the enclosure (it’s not sealed). The curious penguins soon discover that it’s a camera and have some fun with it before putting it back where they found it. The camera is eventually reunited with its owner, a little girl, who gets a pleasant surprise when the roll of film is developed.

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Penguin Says “Please” by Michael Dahl and Oriol Vidal

Similar to Hippo Says “Excuse Me”, by the same author and illustrator, Penguin Says “Please” uses big fonts and a very simple storyline involving a cute but somewhat spoiled baby penguin to teach kids to be polite and say please when they need to ask for help — and it really works! After weeks of telling her to ask for things nicely — to no avail — my then-18-month-old finally did so shortly after reading this book :)