Wanted: The Perfect Pet by Fiona Roberton

What Henry wants most in the world is a dog, which he’s convinced will be the Perfect Pet for him. So he places an ad in the papers — as you do — to seek one with floppy ears, a waggy tail, a cold wet nose and a furry tongue, and who can do fantastic tricks.

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It’s Only Stanley by Jon Agee

The Wimbledons are sleeping when Wilma hears a spooky sound. As Walter discovers, it’s just Stanley, their dog, howling at the moon — no biggie, right? Well, that’s what you’d think until, one by one, their kids (Wendy, Willie, Wanda and Wylie — don’t you just love the alliterative names?) too get woken up by Stanley’s increasingly odd endeavours — fixing the oil tank and making catfish stew, among other things.

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