Blue on Blue by Dianne White and Beth Krommes

When I was in school, we were taught how to make simple scratchboards using only crayons and art paper, whereupon we had fun drawing on them with toothpicks and watching the riot of colours peer through the black layer. But never in my wildest dreams did I expect that this technique could be elevated to produce bona fide art (as opposed to our, ahem, chicken scratchings) — particularly that created by Beth Krommes, who combines scratchboard etchings with watercolours to produce drop-dead beautiful, unique illustrations that also tell a story. Continue reading

The Good Ship Crocodile by J. Patrick Lewis and Monique Felix

Fun fact: Crocodiles are one of the best at dealing with inclement weather conditions like the 5-hour downpour that we had today; most other terrestrial creatures try to seek some form of shelter and wait for the rain to pass as best as they can — much like us, but without the creature comforts…

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Rain! by Linda Ashman and Christian Robinson

Rain! tells the story of two very different people — a little boy and an old man — whose paths cross on one fine/dreary (depending on who you ask!) rainy day. The story is cleverly told in parallel, so on one page, the old man, who clearly regards the rain to be an annoyance, is seen grumbling nonstop as he dresses and makes his way out of his house; in contrast, on the facing page, the little boy, equating rain to fun, excitedly puts on his rain gear before leaving the house with his mom and gleefully jumping into the puddles.


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Boom! by Mary Lyn Ray and Steven Salerno

Loud sounds in general can be discomforting, and incessant thunder, accompanied by flashing lightning and pouring rain, can be especially intimidating. As we’ve mentioned in our earlier review for the similarly themed and named Boom! Boom! Boom!, the best thing to do during such cold, stormy nights is to curl up in bed with a comforting book — better yet, one with a story set on a cold, stormy night.


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