Vampire Baby by Kelly Bennett and Paul Meisel

When two sharp canine teeth appear in little Tootie’s mouth, seemingly overnight, the adorable toddler turns into a serial biter who sinks her “fangs” everywhere — and unfortunately for her big brother, she seems to find him particularly tasty… *Youch!* Could it be that she’s really a vampire baby?! (It sure doesn’t help that she seems to favour blood-red food and sleeps really poorly at night…)

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Our Big Blue Sofa by Tim Hopgood

“Sofas are for sitting on, and not for bouncing!” agreed no kid ever, and especially not Jessy and her brother Tom, whose acrobatic play and grand adventures depend very much on their beloved big blue sofa. Even their two cats Inky and Binky are willing participants in their creative escapades, where their big blue bouncy playground transforms into a submarine, a hot-air balloon, a taxicab, an elephant and whatever else they can conjure up with their boundless imaginations.

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Eric, The Boy Who Lost His Gravity by Jenni Desmond

Life with siblings isn’t all cookies and cream, so to speak. After all, the flip side of anyone spending so much time together is that there’re bound to be instances of bickering, petty quarrels or fights, which is normal. What’s more important is not allowing whatever negative emotions that are riding high in that moment to linger long enough to cause any real damage. And this, essentially, is the gist of Eric, The Boy Who Lost His Gravity, which is almost uncanny in its depiction of sibling rivalry.

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