Boom! by Mary Lyn Ray and Steven Salerno

Loud sounds in general can be discomforting, and incessant thunder, accompanied by flashing lightning and pouring rain, can be especially intimidating. As we’ve mentioned in our earlier review for the similarly themed and named Boom! Boom! Boom!, the best thing to do during such cold, stormy nights is to curl up in bed with a comforting book — better yet, one with a story set on a cold, stormy night.


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Boom! Boom! Boom! by Jamie A. Swenson and David Walker

Living in Singapore, located just a smidge above the Equator, we are no strangers to torrential tropical rains and thunderstorms, which occur often enough throughout the year. Some of these storms can be quite frightening — particularly if you’re caught out on the streets with or without a flimsy umbrella, or worse, driving on wet roads with barely any visibility (save for the sight of flashing lightning) and to the soundtrack of cracking thunder and a crying baby (alas this happened to us once). And even if you’re safe at home, the howling winds pounding on your windows and the crackling sound of thunder can be quite unsettling even for grown-ups, let alone little children.

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