Pool by JiHyeon Lee

In a crowded public pool, a chance encounter between two children leads to a wondrous and unforgettable flight of imagination.

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The Farmer and the Clown by Marla Frazee

In a sense, wordless picture books are like frames excerpted from a silent movie, telling a story in their own quiet way. Because there are no words to guide the reader along and explain the sequence of events, such books are a true test of the illustrator’s storytelling vision and artistic abilities — although, here, Marla Frazee‘s considerable talents are such that she makes it all seem almost effortless.

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The Boat by Monique Felix


The Boat is a charming little hardcover book that is part of a series of re-released ‘Mouse Books’ by Swiss artist Monique Felix that star a little mouse who is seemingly trapped in the blank pages of the book, but uses its ingenuity and imagination to alter its circumstance in a delightfully unexpected manner.

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